British International Investment

Being part of a mission

Tai Fayose
Director, Head of Compliance and Money Laundering Reporting Officer

My name is Tai Fayose. I’m BII’s Head of Compliance, and Money Laundering Reporting Officer

What type of people thrive at BII?

At BII, I think you have to come with that sense of wanting to impart in a positive way. You have to have tenacity. You have to really think about what you are contributing to and why. You have to be driven.

I see BII as an organisation that just kind of exudes excellence.

What makes you proud to work at BII?

Being part of such a wonderful mission, you know, I originate from Nigeria, when I see some of the kind of issues we have from an infrastructure perspective. And I think actually I work for a company that can support, you know, for example, Nigeria that makes me proud, to know that I’m part of something that can have an impact, not only just where I originate from, but obviously broader than that. I think that that’s just phenomenal.

Working for a DFI is extremely rewarding in every sense of the word. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I think it’s a life experience that will stick with me and it will be stories that I will tell my grandchildren, in terms of being part of such a great legacy of 75 years and it continues to go beyond that and grow. And I think, yeah, that is just phenomenal.

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