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Exploring what true impact looks like


What does true impact look like? It’s something everyone who invests to achieve impact wants to know. As we mark our 75th anniversary, we’re setting out to explore that big question.

IMPACT = aims to demystify how to invest to achieve impact in developing economies. It’s been founded as a platform to share impact expertise – through an open dialogue with leading voices on impact, and a collaborative exchange of ideas, lessons and examples.

Achieving true impact is hard, and there are always lessons to be learnt. But together, we have the answers to invest to do good.

Podcast schedule

26 Sept

Faheen Allibhoy | Managing Director, JPMorgan DFI

17 Oct

Nick O’Donohoe | CEO, British International Investment

7 Nov

Jacqueline Novogratz | CEO, Acumen

28 Nov

Sapna Shah | Partner, Novastar Ventures

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