British International Investment
9 August 2018

Podcast: Which technologies are helping development?

The potential of technology in supporting development is huge.

We’ve already seen that, particularly through examples such as mobile money and off-grid solar systems, which have been adopted by millions of people in developing countries and are used every day.

So, where else are companies using technology to help development? In this podcast, we look at examples across a range of different sectors, from education to gas and services. We also get an understanding of the potential limitations of technology by speaking to an academic who has concerns over the impact blockchain might have on development.

This episode features interviews with:

    • Fausto Marcigot, Chief Technology Officer, PayGo Energy
    • Adam Grunewald, CEO, Lynk
    • Adesuwa Ifedi, Vice President, Policy and Partnership, Bridge Academies
    • Michael Pisa, Policy Fellow, Center for Global Development

You can listen to this podcast on the player below or find us on SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts.

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