Cordiant Emerging Loan Fund IV

Sri Lanka, South Africa Financial services, Manufacturing

Cordiant is a leading private debt fund manager, founded in 1999. It typically invests in emerging markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa, focusing on South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, East Africa, and Francophone West Africa.

The Canadian firm primarily invests in the infrastructure, financial services, consumer businesses, telecomms, power, mining, consumer goods, food and agribusiness, manufacturing, utilities, transport and chemical sectors.

The Cordiant Emerging Loan Fund IV (CELF IV) expects to invest between $5 million to $25 million in a portfolio of 30 to 50 companies which need long-term debt funding. The length of these loans will range from one to 10 years and will often be a part of a larger financing package to a company or project.

This investment was made when British International Investment was named CDC Group.

Our investment

In 2013, CDC invested $50 million into CELF IV to provide much-needed loan finance to private sector projects and businesses in Africa and South Asia.

Expected impact

Lending done by local banks to businesses in developing countries is often too short-term to be effective. CELF IV is seeking to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of western banks in emerging markets and will provide scarce, long-term debt funding to firms in these areas.

It will focus on providing debt finance to projects, companies and banks across a wide range of sectors, usually in the form of senior, secured loans. This will help to stimulate wider business activity and economic growth.

Our commitment has also helped Cordiant Capital raise $250 million for CELF IV from Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Swiss and Central and Eastern European institutional investors.

Environmental and social aspects

Cordiant has a proven commitment to environmental and social (E&S) management and a limited risk profile.

Key facts


Since 2012, we’ve only invested in Africa and South Asia. Investments outside these regions are from our pre-2012 portfolio.

Rest of the World

We have seven priority sectors. However, we continue to invest outside these sectors, largely in the most challenging regions, as new investment supporting any sector helps to underpin the private sector, and create jobs and livelihoods for people. For funds, the sectors listed here are those the fund has invested in so far.

Financial services, Manufacturing
Investment type

We provide capital in three broad ways: direct equity, debt, and intermediated equity (principally through investment funds).

Intermediated investment
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April 2013

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Investments made by this fund

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Investment name Country Region Sector Start date Status

LOMC is a NBFI involved in three distinct lines of business in Sri Lanka: micro leasing, microfinance, and gold backed lending

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Sri Lanka South Asia Financial services September 2013 Exited
SA Taxi II

SA Taxi II provides financing to South African minibus operators through asset-based loans. It is an enabler of affordable and safe transport to over 14 million South African commuters.

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South Africa Africa, Southern Africa Manufacturing October 2014 Active

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