Mediterrania Capital III LP

Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Cote d'Ivoire Health, Other consumer services, Financial services, Manufacturing

Mediterrania Capital Partners III is the third fund raised by Mediterrania Capital Partners. This generalist fund targets investments in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt) with a smaller exposure to Francophone West and Central Africa (Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal).

This investment was made when British International Investment was named CDC Group.

Our investment

Our investment in MCP III will support well-established local firms that demonstrate strong potential for growth. Investments in these businesses will provide the capital and expertise to support expansion and will help create new direct and indirect jobs, particularly for semiskilled/unskilled workers in a region where youth unemployment is a particular challenge.


Support economic opportunities by creating jobs (SDG 8.5).


CDC's investment in MCP III will support the fund to invest in 8 to 12 companies supporting these companies growth and creating jobs.

Stakeholder Geography Characteristics

North Africa and Francophone West and Central Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon)

Primarily low-income.

Grid Score Contribution

To help us direct our investments, we use a tool called the Development Impact Grid. The Grid scores every investment we plan out of a score of four, based on two factors: the difficulty of investing in the country and whether investment in that sector will lead to jobs.

  • Capital not offered in sufficient quality by the commercial market.
  • CDC can bring additional value to the Fund through providing guidance on improving business integrity policies and procedures.
  • CDC's investment helped enable additional investment from other development finance institutions.
  • Execution: the impact case relies on the manager's ability to deliver growth across investees.
  • Alignment: the impact case also requires that the growth to investees businesses leads to job creation.

Environmental and social aspects

We continue to support the fund manager in the implementation of its robust environmental and social management system (ESMS), particularly in managing specific risks associated with this sector.

Key facts


Since 2012, we’ve only invested in Africa and South Asia. Investments outside these regions are from our pre-2012 portfolio.

Africa, North Africa

We have seven priority sectors. However, we continue to invest outside these sectors, largely in the most challenging regions, as new investment supporting any sector helps to underpin the private sector, and create jobs and livelihoods for people. For funds, the sectors listed here are those the fund has invested in so far.

Financial services, Health, Manufacturing, Other consumer services
Investment type

We provide capital in three broad ways: direct equity, debt, and intermediated equity (principally through investment funds).

Intermediated investment
Fund manager:
Mediterrania Capital Partners Limited
Start date

For direct investments, this is the date British International Investment committed capital to the business or project.

For funds, this is the date that British International Investment committed capital to the fund.

For underlying fund investments, this is the date that the fund invested capital into the business.e

November 2017

For direct investments, this is the total amount that British International Investment has committed to the business or project (it may be a combination of equity and debt).

For funds, this is the total amount that British International Investment has committed to the fund.


This is the investee company’s place of incorporation; or a fund’s jurisdiction.


Investments made by this fund

  • Active
  • Exited
Investment name Country Region Sector Start date Status
Cairo Scan Egypt Africa, North Africa Health January 2018 Active
Cofina Cote d'Ivoire Africa, West Africa Financial services March 2018 Active

Aziza is one of the top four supermarket chains in Tunisia with 250 shops located across the country.

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Tunisia Africa, North Africa Other consumer services June 2019 Active

Travaux Généraux de Construction de Casablanca (TGCC) is a leading general contractor specialising in construction and public works in Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa.

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Morocco Africa, North Africa Manufacturing July 2019 Active

Akdital Holding is a private health group in Morocco - it owns five private clinics in Grand Casablanca and plans to open two other hospital complexes in El Jadida and Tangier between 2020 and 2022.

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Morocco Africa, North Africa Health March 2020 Active

MetaMed is an Egypt-wide chain of advanced private radiology and diagnostic imaging centres consisting of 20 centres located between MarsaMatruh on the western border to Ismailia in the East. In its centres MetaMed offers the full range of diagnostic imaging services including nuclear medicine. Additionally, the company has introduced the concept of Women Healthcare Diagnostics to the Egyptian market through two centres in Cairo.

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Egypt Africa, North Africa Health March 2020 Active

We are now British International Investment