Professor Anthony Nyong on the need to accelerate action for climate adaptation solutions

Professor Anthony Nyong, Senior Director at the Global Center on Adaptation, joins the conversation to share his thoughts on Africa’s vulnerability to the extreme impacts of climate change. He discusses the need to accelerate action and increase support for adaptation solutions, and outlines the major opportunities adaptation presents for both societal and economic resilience.

In this video, Professor Nyong highlights that to begin bridging the significant climate adaptation finance gap, we must see adaptation and resilience as more than global public goods but also as smart investments.

Professor Nyong also referenced the State and Trends in Adaptation 2021 report from the Global Center for Adaptation, which presents a detailed blueprint for action, offering innovative adaptation and resilience solutions and policy recommendations for Africa.

He concludes with his wishes for the upcoming COP27 summit in Sharm el Sheikh, by calling for action on pledges made at COP26 and for global leaders to significantly scale up adaptation finance to meet regional needs and ambitions.

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