The vital role women can play in climate action

Research shows that women and girls are disproportionately affected by climate change and in diverse ways – from peace and security, to education, health and livelihood.  It is therefore critical that women are included in the decision-making process to ensure that climate action is effective and equitable for all.

Listen as Evelyne Batamuliza (Gender and Poverty Advisor at UNDP), Musonda Kapena (Zambian conservationist and nature-based solutions advocate) and Liberatha Kawamala (environmental conservationist and founder of Libe Green Innovations), explore:

• The unique knowledge and experience that women possess, particularly at the local and rural level, which is crucial to factor into the fight against climate change.

• The importance of women playing key leadership roles in designing mitigation and adaptation solutions.

• Why women should be represented at the highest levels in climate-related policymaking and climate finance allocation.

• Interesting climate innovation initiatives being led by women across the continent.

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