Our company

We invest patient capital to create productive, sustainable and inclusive economies.


Our mission

A development-focused mission is at the heart of what we do.

We are the UK’s development finance institution and impact investor with a mission to help solve the biggest global development challenges by investing patient, flexible capital to support private sector growth and innovation.  

We invest to create more productive, sustainable and inclusive economies in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, enabling people in those countries to build better lives for themselves and their communities.

We invest every year in green infrastructure, technology and other sectors that need our capital the most.

We currently partner with over 1,500 businesses in emerging economies, and we have total assets of £8.1 billion. We work with our investee partners to support them to succeed and grow impactful businesses. 

We are at the heart of the UK Government’s international financing offer to emerging economies. That includes building partnerships with British businesses that operate in developing and emerging economies and who share our aims.  

We are a key partner to emerging economies that are most vulnerable to the climate emergency. Over the next five years, at least 30 per cent of our total new commitments will be in climate finance, making us one of the world’s largest such investors in Africa. 

How we operate

We provide impact-focused investment

As a development finance institution and impact investor, we measure success in two ways. First, we look at whether the businesses in which we invest can make a positive economic, environmental or social impact. Second, we look at how commercially sustainable and successful a business can be. These two measures of success, impact and financial return, go hand in hand. To create long-term impact, a business must be financially sustainable.  

Investment portfolios

Since 2014, we have operated two investment portfolios: Catalyst and Growth.

Our Growth portfolio makes up the majority of our investments, while Catalyst enables us to shape nascent markets and invest in less commercially proven business models that demonstrate significant potential.

We also have a technical assistance portfolio, which aims to make a lasting difference to the lives of people in under-served groups.

Our corporate governance

We are a public limited company. Our only shareholder is the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

We are proud to be owned entirely by the UK Government. Our unique structure combines the best of private sector skills with a public-spirited mission.