British International Investment

Technology and telecoms

Why we invest in the sector

Technology is an essential tool for development and it is a necessary part of achieving many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It can increase access to critical services, such as healthcare, education and banking, create the right environment to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses sustainably, and enable data gathering to reach effective and local solutions.

Our strategic focus

We invest in large-scale ICT projects that support improved digital infrastructure and connectivity in Africa and Asia. These include businesses developing broadband networks, mobile phone operators and companies operating telecommunication towers.

We also have a venture capital (VC) strategy that focuses on partnerships with VC funds across key technology hubs in Africa and Asia. It is supported by our Venture Capital Scale-Up programme, designed to support the funds we back to co-invest in early-stage companies that leverage technology and innovative business models to achieve transformational impact at scale.


We provide a range of capital solutions across this sector


Ticket Size ($)   10-250m+
  • We focus on transformational investments in technology, telecoms, robotics and automation
  • We participate in larger transactions
  • Long-term investment horizons


Ticket Size ($)   15-150m
  • We provide senior, subordinated and mezzanine debt
  • Typically fund capital expenditure related to expansion projects
  • Offer local currency linked solutions where possible


Ticket Size ($)   15-50m+
  • Focus on funds backing ICT businesses
  • Support fund managers with ESG and business integrity
  • Provide guidance on climate, job quality and safeguarding

Venture capital

Ticket Size ($)   1-10m
  • Invest in VC fund managers
  • Focus on early-stage technology and tech-enabled businesses
  • We can co-invest in early-stage businesses alongside VC funds

Key contacts

Abhinav Sinha

Managing Director and Head of Technology and Telecoms


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