British International Investment

Our culture

We’re all really passionate about what we do.

Be part of something special

BII has a high-accountability, high-performance culture. Our work is not straightforward. No-one has all the answers. So we thrive on a mix of shared purpose, collaboration and open, healthy debate. We’re never complacent. We are always exploring, learning and evolving. If something doesn’t work, we try a new approach. You’ll be encouraged to voice your opinion, and you’ll have the space to take ownership, test new ideas and shape the markets we work in.

I’m proud of my work, 
of our organisation, 
of the people I 
work with.

Our values

Impact-led, commercially rigorous

When we are at our best we are passionate about improving people’s lives.

Tenacious in the face of challenges

When we’re at our best we are determined to make a difference.

Collaborative and caring

When we’re at our best we help each other succeed.

  • Diverse perspectives

    We are incredibly passionate about diversity within our business. There’s no one type of person that does well at BII because we embrace different perspectives, opinions and approaches. Unlike most DFIs, we are a truly international institution with a diverse group of people from a range of national and cultural backgrounds.

  • Collaborative culture

    This is a positive environment with a flat hierarchy that empowers people to step up and join in. You’ll be working with thoughtful, respectful people in a friendly, supportive and caring culture. Our people are ambitious to make an impact, not to compete with one another, so we help each other to succeed.

  • Balance and wellbeing

    We believe in giving people the flexibility and freedom to work in the way that works best for them. So we offer a generous set of benefits and HR policies designed to promote your wellbeing and work-life balance.

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