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Building on new challenges and opportunities

Prince Nii Lamptey
Investment Associate, Private Equity Funds and Co-Investments

My name is Prince Nii Lamptey. I’m an investment associate with the private equity funds and co-investment team. We make indirect investment in the managers across our primary markets, primarily Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.

Why did you join BII?

So before BII, I was with a Norwegian DFI based in Ghana, doing direct investment across West Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire. I wanted to try something new, a new challenge, and also just move to the indirect side of the business, the fund side of the business. Also, the opportunity to relocate to London, where I also get closer to where the decisions have been made. I think that was definitely an interesting experience for me to move and make that decision.

What’s the most interesting thing about joining the BII team?

There’s a plethora of experiences where people work across different markets and that has definitely been an interesting part of the team.

In terms of impact, we are very much proud about the development that we make in our markets, where we’re able to help bridge some of the funding gap that we see, and been able to even mobilize more commercial investors into our markets. I think that’s a huge differentiator.

How would you describe the culture at BII?

I’d describe the culture of BII in four words. So it’s diverse, open, fair, and there’s a lot of learnings in terms of experiences to learn from, especially for a young professional like myself.

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