British International Investment

Impactful partnerships

We empower our partners so they remain firmly in control of their own destiny.


Our values

Impact-led, commercially rigorous

We’re passionate about improving people’s lives.

We seek to unlock potential in our people and in the markets where we work. As skilled investors, we are ambitious, honest and thoughtful about how and where we invest.

Tenacious in the face of challenges

We’re determined to make a difference.

We believe we can change lives. Our work can unblock, open new opportunities, and contribute to well-functioning markets. We take calculated risks and are energised by pursuing ideas and treading untrodden paths even when we encounter uncertainty or complexity.

Collaborative and caring

We’re here to help each other succeed.

We believe in the power of community. Our diversity helps us take a wider view, generate deeper insights and better ideas. We build enduring relationships based on generosity and openness.

Our ethos


We invest to raise the productivity of an economy so that it can support a decent standard of living for all.

It means investing for economic growth today, to address growth constraints and strengthen supply chains. And we also look to catalyse markets of the future, to help solve market failures and make markets more competitive, integrated and resilient.


We invest to share the benefits of higher productivity and greater sustainability with poor and marginalised sections of society.

We aim to promote gender equality and diversity, reach low-income populations, and we prioritise investments in low-income and fragile and conflict-affected countries.


We invest to help transform the economy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment, and adapt to the changing climate.

Through our investments we aim to mitigate climate change, especially through large-scale green infrastructure, increase climate resilience and adaptation, and support the circular economy.


Access to our diverse global network

Sustainable success is built on making connections. We work with you to leverage our diverse network to support your growth.

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