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Business integrity

We support investees in implementing business integrity management systems that enable them to improve resilience and deliver long-term financial returns and development impact


Our approach to business integrity risk management goes beyond compliance – we enable the businesses and funds we invest in to manage a range of risks, including financial crime, regulatory and reputational risks.

We recognise that good business integrity  risk management is critical for long-term commercial success because it:

  • Decreases the likelihood of regulatory enforcement and related fines
  • Reduces exposure to certain political, operational and execution risks
  • Is positively correlated with good governance and environmental, social and financial performance
  • Enables sustainable development outcomes

We see business integrity as part of our responsible investing agenda, alongside environmental and social standards. In addition to mitigating integrity and reputational risks, we work closely with our investees to build business integrity capacity and support them to implement our integrity risk management requirements as outlined in our Policy on Responsible Investing.

Business integrity is an integral part of how we add value to our investees, ultimately making their businesses more resilient by reducing risk exposure and enabling them to become more commercially attractive to other international investors.

Key contacts

Alex Maddy

Director and Head of Business Integrity

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