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Food and agriculture

Why we invest in this sector

The food and agriculture sector is crucial to the economies of the countries where we invest, accounting for 50 to 60 per cent of employment, direct or indirect, in these regions. As a key source of economic opportunity, investing in food and agriculture helps maximise job creation, while supporting a critical driver of economic growth and development.

Despite advances in agricultural productivity in recent years, the markets where we invest continue to experience low farm yields and fragmented supply chains, which can be further affected by commodity price volatility. Compounded by growing concerns around global food security and increased levels of demand, investors are looking for opportunities to increase total food production and enhance resilience across the value chain, including through the implementation of technology-enabled solutions.

Given the importance of the food and agriculture sector to our core geographies, we will continue to play a leading role in facilitating its development.

Our strategic focus

We partner with a range of businesses in the food and agriculture sector. When investing equity and debt, we offer patient capital to companies across the value chain – these include high value crops, agricultural inputs, affordable protein, forestry and food processing. We also invest in enabling infrastructure that is important for the agricultural ecosystem to flourish.

Additionally, we partner with specialist and generalist funds, actively looking for investments that have inclusive impact and tackle food security issues. Recently, we have also added a venture capital vertical, to invest into promising early stage companies in the agtech space that are working on new technological platforms towards productivity, sustainability and inclusivity in the agriculture space.

You can read more about how and why we invest in food and agriculture in our sector strategy.

Key data


Our total food and agriculture portfolio


Food and agriculture businesses we invest in


Of our food and agriculture portfolio is in Africa


Of our food and agriculture portfolio is in Asia. Remaining 21% of portfolio is pan-regional.


We provide a range of capital solutions across this sector


Ticket Size ($)   20-50m+
  • Flexible, patient capital structured to suit your needs
  • We draw on deep sector expertise to help grow your business and increase efficiency
  • Technical assistance available where needed
  • We can work alongside co-investment partners


Ticket Size ($)   10-100m+
  • We provide long-term loans to support capex and working capital needs of our clients
  • Our products offer flexibility from senior facilities to mezzanine structures to suit companies’ needs
  • Our on-ground experts support seamless execution of transactions that allow us to deliver impact


Ticket Size ($)   Varies
  • We partner with specialist and generalist funds
  • Investments cover agri inputs, food processing, animal protein, logistics, forestry and agtech
  • We look for inclusive impact and food security solutions
  • We can provide co-investment capital for GPs

Venture capital

Ticket Size ($)   2-5m+
  • We typically invest alongside venture capital funds we support
  • We focus on promising early stage companies, primarily in agtech

Key contacts

Roman Frenkel

Director and Head of Food and Agriculture

Leandro Cuccioli

Director and Head of Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Forestry


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