British International Investment


Enhancing opportunities for small business owners in Nigeria

Using technology to enhance fragmented distribution networks for small retailers in Nigeria.


TradeDepot is a Nigerian online marketplace that connects small retailers with suppliers of consumer goods.

Women represent 65 per cent of distributors and 85 per cent of micro-retailers on the platform. What’s more, TradeDepot offers retailers digital wallets and lines of credit, presenting a key opportunity to enhance women retailers’ financial inclusion in a country where only 31 per cent of women have bank accounts compared with 61 per cent of men.

We’re working with TradeDepot to identify ways to further increase the firm’s impact. This includes commissioning an evaluation of how the company is currently impacting customers’ lives, which will help to inform how TradeDepot can enhance its impact in future.

This business is just one example of an increasing number of exciting gender-smart investments coming through our pipeline since we made gender a central part of our strategy.

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