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Why we invest in this sector

It is a basic human right to live a healthy long life and access to basic healthcare. There are also multiple economic benefits of a healthier population.

Healthy, well-nourished children are more likely to go to school and stay in education longer, which is linked to higher earnings in adulthood. Healthy people work harder and better and are more likely to save money if they expect to live longer. A country’s life expectancy rate and GDP per capita has always been co-related. Meanwhile, ill health can push low-income families into poverty through loss of income and the cost of treatment.

Our strategic focus

Our focus is on enabling the healthcare sector’s development and improving health outcomes in the countries where we invest.

In terms of building the health system, this means investing in companies that enhance the capacity and capability of the workforce, as well as supporting organisations that encourage stewardship towards healthcare ecosystem development.

On a patient level, it means investing in organisations that improve the quality of the healthcare that patients receive and expanding access and affordability of healthcare.

We partner with organisations across the healthcare value chain, supporting product, services and solution providers.


We provide a range of capital solutions across this sector


Ticket Size ($)   15-50m+
  • We are the largest health equity investor in Africa and Asia
  • We can provide a flexible, tailor-made equity solution
  • We usually take significant minority equity stakes
  • We can participate in consortiums and also work alongside co-investment partners


Ticket Size ($)   10-50m+
  • We tailor bespoke credit solutions to requirements, ranging from senior to mezzanine debt
  • We typically fund long-term expansion capex projects and/or working capital requirements
  • Tenor typically up to 7-10 years, sometimes longer, with flexibility on structuring of credit terms (including grace periods, interest capitalisation etc.)
  • Deep expertise across Africa and Asia, including in-country execution in India, Nigeria and Kenya
  • We can work with co-investment partners, banks, credit funds and other DFIs


Ticket Size ($) Up to  250m+
  • We partner with established and first time GPs in Africa and Asia
  • We partner with generalist GPs and sector focused GPs that invest in healthcare
  • Increasing interest in health-tech and biotech from sector focused healthcare funds

Key contacts

Ilaria Benucci

Director and Head of Consumer Services and Social Infrastructure


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