British International Investment
21 September 2023

New DFI collaboration on surge financing for health emergencies

This week, we were pleased to join with other DFIs in a new collaborative initiative aimed at more rapidly and cohesively responding to future pandemics and health emergencies.

When COVID-19 presented a global health emergency more than three years ago, it also exposed weaknesses in health financing that led to delays and inequities in distributing essential vaccines, tests, and treatments for low- and middle-income countries.

This new collaborative initiative will help address those challenges and ensure a swifter and more equitable response going forward. The group will collaborate on surge financing during future health crises to help ensure widespread and equitable access to “medical countermeasures,” including vaccines, tests, treatments, and other supplies needed during health emergencies.

At British International Investment, our support for the initiative will be primarily through MedAccess, which was founded by BII to help tackle global healthcare challenges. Since it was set up, 530 million people in more than 95 countries have benefitted from access to medical innovations through MedAccess’ agreements.

Further information about the collaboration can be found in the following documents:

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