British International Investment

Offering something that makes a difference

Sherine Shohdy
Head of Egypt & Coverage Director North Africa

I’m Sherine Shohdy. I am the head of BII for the Egypt office and I’m also the coverage director for North Africa. So I basically look after BII’s investments in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Sudan.

What makes you proud to work at BII?

I feel like what really gets me up in the morning is the feeling that I can offer something that makes a difference. I have the opportunity to do what I like in terms of bringing something of value, not just an investment but of value.

We believe in what impact is. We have a definition of what impact is. We know this definition is ever changing. We try to put certain parameters that help guide us in that direction.

What’s the most interesting thing about your role?

I think the interesting thing that I like the most is the people. So my job is mostly being talking to people. So you see different people, you interact with different people, you understand what their challenges are like.
They’re interesting, they’re challenging, they’re intellectual… in short, they’re the best part of the organization.

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