British International Investment

Being part of something special

Anish Thakore
Investment Associate, Infrastructure Equity South Asia

I’m Anish Thakore. I work in the infrastructure and climate team. I’m part of the direct equity investments team. So pretty much look after investments in the BII portfolio across infrastructure and renewable energy in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Given my background in private equity investments, I was always focused on the infrastructure side. I wanted to get back into renewable energy investing and more focus on climate.

Why did you join BII?

BII’s thesis and their drive for impact investment, especially for me on the climate side, drove my decision to joining BII. At BII impact is first and that’s very different.

How would you describe the culture at BII?

Collaborative, diverse, inclusive. There are so many people from different backgrounds, countries, cultures. It’s amazing.
I do feel very included. My team does make sure that I’m part of even important discussions and that does give you a very nice morale boost and confidence as you progress in your career at BII.

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