British International Investment

Finding something new every day

Ella Whitaker
Graduate Analyst 

I’m Ella Whitaker. I’m an analyst here at BII on the graduate programme, which is a rotational programme. So I started off in the infrastructure equity team and I’m currently in the development impact team, analysing the impacts of our investments.

Where and what did you study?

I did an undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews in economics and international relations and then I did a Masters at Imperial College in climate change management and finance.

I chose to accept a role at BII due to their commitment to climate finance. So their 30% target was something that was really interesting to me, given my background. As well as their geographies that they invest in, it’s places that I hadn’t had much exposure to before and a really good opportunity to travel.

What experience have you gained working at BII?

I’ve learnt so much about different geographies: African politics, Southeast Asian energy markets. I think what you learn can really be endless.

What’s the most interesting thing about your role?

The most stimulating or interesting thing about my role is that every day there’s something new. You’ll come into work and there’ll be a problem or something different that you would have probably never even imagined could have happened. Or just if you were to compare it to more of a streamlined finance graduate role, the opportunities and things that we get to look at are just so interesting.

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