British International Investment

Giving room for a new approach

Merle Radow
Investment Executive, 
Financial Services Equity

My name is Merle Radow and my title is Investment Executive and I sit in the Financial Services Equity Team.

We invest in financial services companies. So that could be a microfinance company, it could be a FinTech company, it could be a bank.

So one of the key problems that we tackle across different teams at BII is trying to close what we call the SME financing gap, so trying to get more funding to smaller, medium sized enterprises across our markets. And it’s such a big problem, especially in Africa, that we really felt that a new approach was needed.

We’ve now set up a new fully BII-owned financing company in Ghana that will invest in those companies with a new range of products. You’re given the room to go out there and meet people and set up your own meetings, there’s no limits to what you can do.

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