Fraudulent websites and communications

Scam websites

We have been made aware that there are scam websites that either impersonate British International Investment to sell investments, or use our web content and staff profiles (although not our company name) to create the impression of being a legitimate investment company. Such sites may request money that they claim they will invest on your behalf, and solicit personal information that may be used by fraudsters to commit theft or other crimes.

We do attempt to have fraudulent sites and content removed when we’re made aware of them, and we’ve created this brief guidance to help you understand British International Investment’s online presence and how we work to reassure you:

What you can expect from British International Investment:

British International Investment only invests money on behalf of the UK Government. We do not accept or make investments on behalf of anyone else.

  • We never, under any circumstances, solicit funding via the internet, email or any other means.
  • We never enter any transactional relationship without meeting the other party, usually on numerous occasions.
  • Our online presence is through our official domain – or our officials channels on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

If you receive a suspicious email or discover a British International Investment branded or CDC-connected website that you believe to be fraudulent, please let us know by contacting us. If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of a website that seems to contain profiles of our senior staff and Board, again contact us and we’ll be happy to verify whether it’s legitimate. If you have received suspicious correspondence and have an existing relationship with British International Investment, please always contact your relationship manager by phone to verify.

If you are the victim of a financial scam, you can obtain a crime reference number by reporting the incident to your local Police station.

For expert advice on other online scams, please visit the Citizens Advice website.