Learn more about Impact Gamechangers ’21

Impact Gamechangers ’21 showcases the difference that investment in the private sector in Africa and South Asia is making. Whether that’s by helping to transform lives or markets, or having a positive impact on the planet.

Our gamechangers range from new technologies and products making a big difference to peoples’ quality of life, to businesses and projects removing barriers to create new markets.

We picked examples that we think show fresh thinking, that are already demonstrating impact on a large scale, and, in some cases, have the potential to be replicated. They also reflect the breadth of our work, highlighting a cross-section of the sectors we invest in.

Some of our gamechangers are still in the early stages, so we’ve named them ‘ones to watch’, as their promising impact to date means we’re excited to see how they’ll develop.

We hope you enjoy reading about these gamechanging examples of impact. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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