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The power of market-creating innovations in development

Wednesday 27 January 2021 – 2:00pm to 3:00pm

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Prosperity and sustainable, inclusive growth are the ultimate goals for developing economies. However, despite the global community spending billions each year on economic development programmes, poverty and a lack of opportunity within these countries persists.

But what if there is a way in which we can support these economies to evolve from poverty to prosperity in less than two decades? Innovation expert Efosa Ojomo believes focused and impact driven market innovations could do just that.

Join us for a conversation with Efosa, co-author of The Prosperity Paradox and Senior Fellow at the Christensen Institute on Disruptive Innovation where he leads their research on global prosperity.

Efosa will share his expertise on the impact of market-creating innovations in developing economies and provide insights on how you can build an ecosystem that enables long term sustainable growth. We will also explore the critical role of investors and governments in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, which will help transform the lives of millions.

This event has already taken place - watch the recording here


Efosa Ojomo

Senior Fellow, Christensen Institute on Disruptive Innovation

Nikunj Jinsi

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Better Future Network.

Colin Buckley

General Counsel and Head of External Affairs, British International Investment

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