British International Investment
22 September 2023

A tribute to Suzanne Biegel

We’re very sad to learn of the passing of Suzanne Biegel. Suzanne was the driving force behind the launch and rapid growth of gender-lens investing globally. Her commitment to increasing capital flows to women and towards gender equity was unwavering.

Suzanne was fundamental in supporting BII to develop our Gender Strategy. She also drove early DFI efforts on gender through her stewardship of the Gender Finance Collaborative, which went on to become the 2X Collaborative and has since evolved into 2X Global. More recently, Suzanne has led industry efforts to bring gender and climate investing together.

BII, and the wider gender-lens investing community, owes her a debt of gratitude, and we will continue to be inspired by her and the legacy she leaves. She will be hugely missed.

More information on Suzanne’s momentous achievements, including her endowment fund, can be found at Heading For Change.

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