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Horus Solar Energy SAE

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The Nubian Suns projects comprise 13 solar power plants located in the Benban Solar Park, near Aswan in Egypt. These plants will add a 590 megawatt (MW) capacity to the park.

Horus Solar Energy SAE is one of these plants, with a 5oMW capacity.

The projects are funded by a syndicate of lenders led by the IFC.

When complete, Benban will be the largest solar power installation in the world with up to 1.65GW capacity and 32 solar plants.

Nubian Suns play a central part in round 2 of the Egypt Feed-In Tariff solar power programme which is introducing international investors and banks to Egypt at a crucial time for the country.

The Egyptian government launched this large-scale initiative in 2015 and has offered strong support for the Nubian Suns projects.

Investments made by BII in this company:

Investment name Commitment Region Sector Start date Status
Investment 01 $15.75m Infrastructure October 2017 Active

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