British International Investment

Jacoma Estates Limited

MalawiSouthern AfricaFood & Agriculture

Jacoma Estates is the parent company of Tropha Estates, an agribusiness in Northern Malawi developing over 1,000 hectares of irrigated macadamia orchards. 

The company is focused on producing macadamia nuts for export, and has three nucleus farms and a macadamia processing facility. It has also established smallholder outgrower schemes, supporting over 5,000 independent farmers who produce paprika and birds eye chilli for sale into export markets.

Jacoma is continuing to expand the irrigation and processing facilities at its sites to increase the yield and quality of its core products.

Investments made by BII in this company:

Investment name Commitment Region Sector Start date Status
Investment 01 $8m Food & Agriculture December 2016 Active
Investment 02 $1.2m Food & Agriculture July 2019 Active
Investment 03 $2.5m Food & Agriculture May 2022 Active

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