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Jumia, part of the Africa Internet Group (AIG), is Africa’s leading internet company operating in more than 20 countries across the continent. It provides a comprehensive range of services – including ecommerce, food delivery, financial services, travel and classified adverts – to Africa’s consumers and small businesses.

Founded in Lagos in 2012 by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec, AIG connects more than 50,000 local and international companies with millions of African consumers. To support this, it has developed its own payments system and one of Africa’s largest logistics operations.

Jumia is listed among the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Smartest Companies 2017.

Investments made by BII in this company:

Investment name Commitment Region Sector Start date Status
Investment 01 $56.92m Consumer - other services April 2016 Exited
Investment 02 $2.43m Consumer - other services April 2019 Exited

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