British International Investment

Maghreb Private Equity Fund IV

EgyptMoroccoTunisiaAfricaNorth AfricaCommunications & IT servicesConsumer - EducationConsumer - HealthConsumer - other servicesFinancial servicesFood & Agriculture

AfricInvest launched the Maghreb Private Equity Fund IV (MPEF IV) in 2017, a North African small and mid-cap fund looking to invest in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria. The fund will invest growth equity in a range of sectors focusing on themes of access to regional markets, deregulation and growing urban populations.

Investments made by BII into this fund:

Investment name Commitment Region Sector Start date Status
Investment 01 $29.1m Communications & IT services, Consumer - Education, Consumer - Health, Consumer - other services, Financial services, Food & Agriculture November 2017 Active

Investments made by this fund into companies:

Investment name Country Region Sector Start date Status
ArabyAds Egypt North Africa Communications & IT services July 2022 Active
CBI Morocco North Africa Communications & IT services December 2021 Active
CFG Bank Morocco North Africa Financial services April 2018 Active
CMGP – CAS Morocco North Africa Food & Agriculture June 2021 Active
ISGA Morocco North Africa Consumer - Education October 2021 Active
Khaled Khoshala Co. Egypt North Africa Food & Agriculture August 2023 Active
Land’Or Tunisia North Africa Food & Agriculture October 2018 Active
Masria DP Egypt North Africa Financial services December 2019 Active
Planet Sport Morocco North Africa Consumer - other services June 2023 Active
Promamec Morocco North Africa Consumer - Health February 2018 Active

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