BII Plus: about us

Our objectives

Creating value beyond our portfolio

BII Plus works with industry stakeholders to develop and test solutions to address business challenges or uncover opportunities in priority sectors and geographies.  BII Plus also seeks to support projects that shape the private sector’s approach to cross-cutting themes such as gender equality, climate change, job quality and human capital.


Adding value to companies in our portfolio

BII Plus provides support to deepen our portfolio’s development impact. We support our companies to become more inclusive and sustainable by providing technical expertise and in some cases, co-funding, for targeted value-addition activities. For example:

  • Improving workforce job quality and gender diversity
  • Supporting innovative business models to reach underserved groups through distribution support or by developing new products/services
  • Initiating or scaling up smallholder supply schemes
  • Improving a company’s natural resource management systems and capabilities
  • Providing expertise and capacity building to investees within our Catalyst Strategies to improve their performance and chances of delivering impact


How we think about impact



For more information please contact us: [email protected]