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Strategy Launch Event

Tuesday 14 December 2021 – 10:00am to 11:30am

2022-2026 Strategy Launch Event

As British International Investment, the UK Government’s development finance institution, enters our next five-year strategy period, we invite you to an event to hear more about our plans.

Our new strategy vision responds to the opportunities and challenges facing developing and emerging economies, including the need for jobs and inclusive growth, and the twin crises of climate change and natural resource depletion.

It builds on our deep understanding of our markets with our 73-year history and track record of success over the last decade and sets a new ambition for scale and innovation.

We invite you to join us to hear more about how we will ensure our capital achieves sustainable and equitable economic growth for the businesses and countries in which we invest.



Nick O’Donohoe

CEO, British International Investment

Lynsay Taffe

Director, Communications, British International Investment

Srini Nagarajan

Managing Director, Asia, British International Investment

Tenbite Ermias

Managing Director, Africa, British International Investment

Matt Robinson

Chief of Staff and Head of Corporate Strategy

Private: Abhinav Sinha

Head of Manufacturing and Co-Head of Technology, British International Investment

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