British International Investment
23 April 2020

Business integrity COVID-19 guidance for investees

The pandemic presents heightened business integrity risks which companies should proactively manage.

The economic upheaval resulting from the global response to the coronavirus, COVID-19, presents significant commercial and strategic challenges. This unprecedented crisis also increases business integrity risks which, if not managed, could impact a company’s reputation and have significant financial implications well beyond the current crisis.

Integrity risks are heightened because a crisis mentality increases the likelihood that individuals and businesses will take greater risks, shortcutting procedural safeguards and circumventing controls. It is important companies do not deprioritise compliance and business integrity risk management, particularly as financial pressures increase and opportunities for savings are identified.

This note provides initial guidance on how to manage such business integrity risks in the context of COVID-19. This guidance should be considered alongside relevant local laws and regulations, with CDC investees complying with the latter at all times. We hope you find it useful.

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