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IMPACT = Podcast with Andy Kuper, CEO of LeapFrog Investments

IMPACT = has been founded as a platform to share impact expertise – through an open dialogue with leaders in the industry and a collaborative exchange of ideas, lessons and examples.

In our first IMPACT = podcast, we talk to Andy Kuper, Chief Executive Officer of LeapFrog Investments.

Andy Kuper is a world-renowned responsible investment leader, who founded LeapFrog in 2007. With its “Profit with Purpose” mission, today LeapFrog is as leading international impact investor, driving social transformation through innovative financial strategies and investments.

Focused on emerging markets, particularly Africa and Asia, LeapFrog identifies high-potential companies that align with their mission. Through investments in healthcare, financial services, and insurance, LeapFrog reaches millions, promoting financial inclusion and improving healthcare access.

In this conversation with our host Andrew Murray Watson, Andy shares his journey into the world of impact investment and discusses how the industry has evolved and where he thinks it is going next.

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