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The Africa List Business Barometer 2020

Defining the future of business leadership in Africa


The Africa List’s Business Barometer exists to give investors and business people around the world on-the-ground-insights from leading executives in Africa.

Last year, The Africa List published its first Business Barometer. The inaugural edition included insights from 357 members of The Africa List working across five countries: DRC, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Following The Africa List’s expansion into Ghana, this year’s report covers six countries, reflecting the opinions, thoughts, concerns and ambitions of 394 business leaders in the DRC, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

While the 2020 Barometer compares this year’s insights with the results of last year’s findings, setting them side-by-side to show how—and by how much—each country has changed, this year’s report also has a goal of its own: to define what effective business leadership means on the continent of Africa. Research on effective business leadership in Africa is scarce, and doing business on the continent is complex. The Barometer, the largest survey of its kind, gives rare insights into the key qualities business leaders must have in order to thrive in their chosen markets.

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The Africa List is CDC’s  business network for leaders in six countries across the continent.

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