British International Investment
6 June 2023

What does impact mean to us? An overview of how we manage impact

At British International Investment, impact is at the heart of what we do. We help solve the biggest global development challenges by investing patient, flexible capital to support private sector growth and innovation.

We aim to maximise our impact through every step of an investment. The process starts when we’re deciding whether to make an investment, it continues as we monitor its progress and manage risks to impact, and finishes when we exit the investment responsibly. And through each investment, we are continually learning from what we do.

This overall approach ensures that we meet the Impact Principles, the international standard for impact management, of which we are a founding signatory. Our impact approach is also aligned with other globally recognised standards.

We’ve put together this booklet to explain our approach to impact management and the tools we’ve developed to support our work.

We’re proud to have been recognised as an industry leader in impact management by BlueMark, which has independently verified the alignment of our impact management practices.

By setting out our own approach we hope this booklet will help and guide other impact investors as well as mainstream investors beginning their journey in impact investment.

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