British International Investment
29 July 2019

1st annual conference of the private sector development research network – private enterprise and inclusion

CDC is proud to be co-hosting the first Annual Conference of the Private Sector Development Research Network, on 12-13 December in Geneva.

The theme of the conference is inclusion – we want to understand who benefits from investments in private enterprises and what we can do better, the characteristics of inclusive firms, and how can we obtain evidence of distributional impact of investments?

The objective of the event is to bring together researchers who want to influence how development finance is spent, with development financiers who are opened to being influenced.

As a development finance organisation CDC is committed to learning and sharing what we have learnt from our own experience.  We are looking for research that contributes with actionable insights into the ways in which businesses affect social inclusion, and the ways in which development finance institutions and other actors can promote inclusion through their support to the private.

The Private Sector Development Research Network is an informal community of researchers working on questions around the role of the private sector in development, to promote the exchange of ideas and facilitate collaboration. No preference will be given to papers submitted by members of the network, and interested researchers are encouraged to join! Please get in touch with Paddy Carter – [email protected] – if you have any questions.

Please click here to download the Call for Papers (deadline 1 September 2019).

If you’re interested in attending the conference but don’t plan to submit a paper, click here to register for the conference.

Conference Committee:

Paddy Carter, CDC Group
Neil Gregory, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Adnan Khan, International Growth Centre (IGC)
Jonathan Leape, International Growth Centre (IGC)
Nancy Lee, Center for Global Development (CGD)
Alessandro Maffioli, IDB Invest
Alastair McKechnie, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Ugo Panizza, Graduate Institute’s Centre for Finance and Development (CFD) and CEPR
Alexandros Ragoussis, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Patricia Yanez-Pagans, IDB Invest


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