British International Investment
23 August 2019

CDC appoints independent team to investigate the death of Joël Imbangola Lunea

CDC, the UK’s development finance institution, has appointed an independent team to investigate the death of Mr Joël Imbangola Lunea, that took place on 21 July 2019 in Bempumba, Democratic Republic of the Congo. We understand that local police are investigating and are seeking an individual, who was employed by Feronia as a security guard, in connection with Mr Lunea’s death. CDC has been invested in Feronia since 2013.

The incident took place while the security guard was on annual leave in his home village, approximately 18km from the company’s property. However there have been a number of allegations that the incident was connected to the security guard’s employment at Feronia. Given the serious nature of these claims we have identified an independent agency appropriately equipped to:

  • Undertake a thorough examination of the incidents leading to Mr Lunea’s death. The team will co-operate fully with the local authority’s own investigations, as appropriate.
  • Examine Feronia’s management of its security personnel and, specifically, the individual alleged to have killed Mr Lunea.

The investigation will take approximately six weeks. Once concluded, we will publish a summary of the findings and, if required, any proposed actions for Feronia and CDC.


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