British International Investment
19 May 2020

CDC Group and Asoko collaborate to map out East Africa’s family-owned business landscape

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – many of which are family-owned businesses – are the bedrock of healthy economies in Africa. As one of the largest impact investors in Africa, with a portfolio value of over $3.5 billion in the continent, CDC’s ability to fulfil its goal of successfully supporting long-term growth of businesses in Africa and driving deeper development impact, is boosted by information and in-depth understanding of the multiple stakeholders and markets factors, where it operates.

To develop a better understanding of the local business environment and facilitate informed decision-making, in 2018, CDC commissioned Asoko to map out the family-owned business space in East Africa. Following this initial project, Asoko expanded the project and have published a first-ever study that mapping out the family-owned businesses sphere in East Africa – a report which enhances our knowledge of what businesses might need from an impact investor and how we can tailor our offer accordingly.

The East Africa’s Family-Owned Business Landscape report thoroughly maps out the dynamic, complex and critical role played by family-owned businesses in driving growth across the markets of Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. This comprehensive data-driven report details the multi-layered challenges faced by family-owned businesses in accessing critical growth capital and offers a deep dive into the countries’ key sectors, along with insights gathered from business owners, investors and industry experts.

The report features expert insight from Seema Dhanani, Head of Office & Coverage Director at CDC in Kenya, shedding light on how DFIs like CDC support the growth of family-owned businesses and CDC’s outlook for future investments in those businesses.

Read the full report and watch the official launch video.

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