British International Investment
12 May 2016

What does the future hold for investment in Africa?

With 11 million people entering the labour market every year in Africa, investment is needed in order to provide jobs and opportunities for this expanding workforce. Added to that, the population is expected to go on rising rapidly – with 2.2bn expected to live on the continent by 2030 – so levels of investment need to be sustained now and into the future.

In this podcast, we hear from Adrienne Klasa, the Editor of the Financial Times’ This is Africa, and Clarisa De Franco, the Portfolio Director of Africa Funds at CDC. We speak to them about the opportunities the continent holds for investors, as well

Five years ago, the Economist ran its now famous ‘Africa Rising’ cover story, which suggested the continent is destined for a future of strong economic growth – does this narrative still ring true?

You can listen using the player below or find us on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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