British International Investment
8 April 2021

Unlocking private climate finance in emerging markets

As we begin the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, there is an opportunity for investors to help accelerate the transition to net zero carbon emissions in developing countries. Solutions such as improving public and private sector engagement, creating investment-friendly business environments, and building pipelines of sustainable infrastructure investments can all play a role.

A new report published today (8 November) by the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative – a group of international investors – the Association of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) and the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) highlights ways the private sector can support countries’ transitions to net zero.

The publication – titled ‘Unlocking Private Climate Finance in Emerging Markets’ – sets out to:

  • Identify the most fundamental and cross-cutting factors enabling domestic and international private climate finance in emerging markets
  • Open new engagement channels with key decision makers to identify policy improvements that will help stimulate private investment
  • Catalyse collaboration between private finance, public finance, and policymakers to significantly expand pipelines of sustainable infrastructure investment opportunities

Our CEO, Nick O’Donohoe, said:

“Private capital has a vital role to play in creating the zero carbon future the world so badly needs if it is to avoid devastating impacts of climate change. Today’s report highlights the requirement for private and public investment organisations to collaborate to close the funding gap that is hindering efforts to deliver sustainable infrastructure in less developed countries and ensure their economies are resilient and able to adapt to the impacts of the climate emergency.”

You can read the report here.

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