British International Investment
24 June 2021

We have a new Insight podcast episode: Shaping Africa’s Growth

We have published a new episode in our Insight podcast series.

Africa’s population is the youngest on earth and the fastest growing. Research recently published by the Lancet predicts that in the year 2100, five of the 10 most populous countries on earth will be in Africa.

These demographic trajectories will have a dramatic impact on the global economy and who shapes it. This is clearly an opportunity for the continent and its leaders, but job creation in Africa is not keeping pace with this rapid population growth resulting in a ‘ticking time bomb’.

Yet for Fred Swaniker, Founder and CEO of the African Leadership Group, digital technology and the move to online is a chance for Africans to not only create jobs, but to reach new employment opportunities both on the continent and within the global jobs market.

In this conversation with Fred, a leading voice on African leadership, we discussed the role of leaders in unlocking the continent’s potential, and how investors can work to create sustainable job-creating private sectors. The event was chaired by CDC’s Head of External Affairs, Colin Buckley and he was joined by Tenbite Ermias, Managing Director and Head of Africa.

You can listen on the player below or or find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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