Jen Braswell

Director, Value Creation Strategy, British International Investment

en currently leads British International Investment’s cross-cutting advisory teams – climate change, gender equality, job quality and skills & leadership – whose collective goal is to create additional value through adopting an impact lens (both at the market level and with British International Investment’s portfolio businesses).

Jen was previously Director of Corporate Strategy at British International Investment, driving the establishment of British International Investment’s current Impact Group and working collaboratively across the business to develop British International Investment’s new approach to embedding impact management throughout the investment cycle – from defining the strategy and process for selecting impact investments, to engaging with portfolio companies to create value through thematic impact lenses, to tracking and reporting results to our stakeholders.

In addition to growing impact within British International Investment, Jen also leads British International Investment’s work to coalesce the wider investment community (and particularly the development finance institutions) around gender finance, including serving as a core founder and designer for the 2X investor initiative and serving as a seed funder and committed advisor and champion for TheBoardroom Africa.

Prior to joining British International Investment in London, Jen was based in Jakarta, Indonesia, serving as Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Kiron Global, a woman-owned small business focusing on workforce development and skills training in fragile and conflict affected states.

Jen previously managed Booz Allen Hamilton’s offices across Africa and Eurasia, based for ten years in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she was responsible for building and overseeing the firm’s global International Development and Cooperation portfolio, including projects supporting private sector development, infrastructure project finance, regulatory reform and digital transformation across Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. Jen is a licensed attorney in New York, and holds an MA in international economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.