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22 May 2015

Private equity and emerging markets agribusiness

Private equity and emerging markets agribusiness: building value through sustainability

Agribusiness is vital for food security, job creation and economic growth, especially in rural communities. It also provides resources to help meet the world’s rising energy needs. Large-scale commercial farming and processing — the types of operations that attract commercial investment — will play a vital role as the world’s population continues to grow and more people move to cities.

Delivered in a sustainable way, these operations can generate great value to both investors and society, responsibly producing consumer goods across the world.

In 2015, we co-authored this report (along with Credit Suisse, the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, the International Finance Corporation, and the World Wildlife Fund) for private equity fund managers working in emerging markets. It highlights trends in investment in emerging markets agribusiness and promotes the adoption of environmental and social management to generate sustainable financial returns.

Link to report:


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