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Climate finance and the transition to net zero

The Glasgow Climate Pact, made at the United Nations COP26 summit last year, marked the start of a two year process. The aim is to agree a post 2025 goal to replace the existing target to mobilise at least US$ 100 billion of climate finance a year to developing countries


Our Managing Director and Head of Climate Change Amal-Lee Amin has been at the forefront of our approach to climate change, our Climate Change Strategy and joined our team at COP26 last year.

Following the conference last year the Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry has released a book on The Road to Net Zero, including an essay from Amal-Lee on climate finance.

In the piece she examines the challenge of mobilising at least $100 billion of climate finance annually for developing countries and the role development finance institutions, such as BII, play achieving a just transition to net zero.

Referencing our Emerging Economies Climate Report 2021, released last year, Amal-Lee writes that nearly half of the respondents to the survey, comprising businesses in our portfolio, said they had experience an extreme weather event that affected their business. Pointedly, she adds, 94 per cent of respondents said that the international communication has a duty to support emerging economies respond to climate change.

The book, which can be read online, also includes articles from Union Cabinet Minister of Labour and Employment, Environment, Forest and Climate Change in the Government of India, Shri Buhpender Yadav and The President of the Chamber Anjali Bansal, among others.

Read Amal-Lee’s article here.

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