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Could COVID-19 shift the world’s economy towards exponential change?

This podcast is taken from CDC’s Insight event programme, which aims to share practical lessons on private sector investment and development, based on experiences, knowledge and research.


The ongoing COVID crisis has laid bare the weaknesses in our existing socio-economic structures. And with calls to tackle the climate emergency intensifying, the need for an alternative approach is clear. How do we move forward in a way which addresses these challenges and create a more balanced and sustainable global economy? John Elkington, the “godfather of sustainability”, may just have the answer.

In this CDC Insight Podcast we hear John Elkington, environmentalist, author, and serial entrepreneur, with CDC’s CEO Nick O’Donohoe.

They are joined by CDC’s Climate Change Director Amal-Lee Amin to discuss how we move forward in a way that creates a more balanced and sustainable global economy.


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