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Digital transformation in emerging markets

with Gregory Rockson, CEO of mPharma

Thursday 27 July 2023 – 10:00am to 11:00am

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Investment in digital businesses and infrastructure in emerging markets has the power to stimulate the growth of local economies and transform the lives of millions of people.

Impact investors are in a good position to drive this transformation – helping improve access to vital services like education and healthcare, creating new job opportunities, tackling challenges like access to finance, and accelerating innovation.

One region that showcases the potential of digital is the African continent. Africa’s digital ecosystem is rapidly evolving, driven by a growing population, improving internet access, and a thriving tech start-up scene, creating a new wave of visionary entrepreneurs.

Gregory Rockson is one these impressive entrepreneurs. He is the Chief Executive of mPharma, a company which is using technology and data to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone in Africa. It’s doing that by making medicine supply chains more efficient.

In this IMPACT = event, Gregory shared the story behind mPharma’s remarkable growth and how it is transforming healthcare across the continent. Drawing on his extensive experience as a leader in the field, we also discussed the broader impact of digital in other industries, and the opportunities and challenges for potential investors in emerging markets.

Gregory was joined by Megha Okhai, from British International Investment’s (BII) Venture Capital team and the event was chaired by BII’s Director of Venture Capital, Chirantan Patnaik.

IMPACT = has been founded as a platform to share impact expertise – through an open dialogue with leaders in the industry and a collaborative exchange of ideas, lessons and examples.

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