British International Investment
15 February 2022

Welcome to the largest solar park in Africa

Welcome to Benban, Egypt, home to the largest solar park in Africa. It spans 37 kilometres and has a total generation capacity of around 1.8 gigawatts, which is enough to power hundreds of thousands of homes.

The entire park is made up of 41 solar projects, of which we invested in nine. Our investment is aimed at helping meet Egypt’s growing energy demand with clean, cost-effective power from an abundant and renewable resource. The projects we invest in generate around 623 GWh of solar power per year, enough to power tens of thousands of homes and businesses and avoid 301,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Through her work, our Egypt Coverage Director, Sherine Shohdy, has been visiting Benban for nearly a decade. In this video below, Sherine takes us on a tour of one site we’re invested in, which was recently acquired by our partner Globeleq.

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